3D montage, a solution that easily and accurately draws a montage in three dimensions

Advantages of the PoliSketch system

3D montage

3D objects can be used to create a three-dimensional montage..

Montage conversion

Montage conversion technology for portrait photos increases the efficiency of your work.

Impression conversion

The impression transformation technology increases the efficiency of the work.

Reproduction technology

Age conversion technology to reproduce the face of the current age.

Product Features

Accuracy and Convenience

Can apply 3D props at various angles

You can convert your portrait to a montage, so you do not have to draw from scratch.

Versatility of application

Using age conversion technology, you can change your impression to fit your current age.

Impression conversion technology is applied, so you do not need to redraw according to the impression.

Product overview

The 3D montage provides a three-dimensional way of working with existing montages that match the components of the impression, such as eyes, nose, mouth, glasses, beard, hair and so on, helping you to make montage easier, faster and more precisely with product-specific features.

Product Details

System overview

Product introduction

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