Through CCTV Video analysis
Hazardous situation detection and propagation system

Advantages of Smart Video Surveillance System

S/W based Video analysis

You can build your system using existing infrastructure without replacing CCTV.

Customized Video analysis

Algorithm can be customized to construct customer-oriented Video analysis environment.

Complex detection

By analyzing input Video to one CCTV, you can detect complex situation such as intrusion detection, fire detection, pattern change.

Configure various functions

Flexible design allows you to configure your system with the features you want.

Case Study

Korea South-East Power Co. – Samchunpo Thermal Power Plant

Application of abnormal situation, fire, intrusion detection

Product Features

Application of high-performance, user-friendly algorithm

Apply intrusion detection algorithm that is resistant to external environment change

Application of fire detection algorithm in visible light area

Application of Video analysis algorithm optimized for industrial facilities

Customizing the Algorithm for Your Environment

System Scalability

System design to cope with change of CCTV number

Encrypt the analysis results in the closed network and link them to other systems

Flexibility in changing the structure and function of the integrated management application

System can be linked to save and search alarm status

Product Details

System overview

Product introduction

Product Inquiry

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