e-Security System

A security solution focused on visitors, corporate assets and security management

Benefits of Secure Portal Solutions

Access control

Protect the confidentiality of the enterprise from outside by controlling the access of external visitors.

Asset management

You can manage the information assets more efficiently by managing your company’s critical assets through the system.

Security activity management

Increase employee’s awareness of security through ongoing security management activities ,and increase the efficiency of security manager.

Implement various functions

Flexible design allows you to configure your system with the features you want..

GS(Good Software) certification

ViCHK has earned GS certification level 1 from the Software Testing and Certification Institute (TTA).

GS certification is based on a quality evaluation model based on international standards such as
functionality, usability, portability, efficiency, reliability, maintainability and so on.

Expectation effect of intruduction of access security management system

Function menu system diagram

It is a solution that implements the HR Service function based on JAVA Framework and supports processes such as personnel information, job / organization management, attendance / salary, welfare, and training & evaluation history management.
It consists of thirteen business areas such as visitor management, asset import and export, pass, operation of expense, outsider resident, application, security management (security day event).

Using Human ICT’s
security portal solution Group

Product Features

User convenience

Reflect Web Compatibility through Web Standards Compliance

Access to latest version of browser

Support for Mobile Environment

User convenience through Web Portal system

System Scalability

Security management strategy and system design to cope with environmental change.

Support organic linkage with existing IT infrastructure.

Flexibility to change system structure, fix and add features

Module-specific design allows customers to install and operate modules only

Product Details

System overview

System architecture

Product introduction

Product Inquiry

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